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       On the afternoon of November 10, the opening ceremony of the third computer culture festival was held in 304 lecture hall of the main building of the campus in Wusi Road. Professor Li Xiaoming, the former vice-chairman of China Computer Federation and the doctoral supervisor of Peking University was invited to the ceremony and gave the first lecture. Meng Qingyu, the standing committee of the communist party and vice-president attended this ceremony and delivered a speech.

      After the opening ceremony, professor Li Xiaoming gave the first report on the theme of “Cultivating Computational Thinking, Embracing Intelligent Society”. The report started from four aspects: voting, relational structural stability, Braess's paradox and matching market issues that gave an introduction of idea of the cross integration of computational thinking and other subjects in detail through the voting for best, the social network relationship, the road traffic management and other practical issues. The report is simple and easy to understand by using vivid examples and interesting games to guide students to think and solve problems with computational thinking, which has a good guiding significance for college students learning knowledge and training comprehensive quality.

      The theme of this Computer Culture Festival is “Artificial Intelligence, Innovative Future”, which is an important exploration of the second classroom activities of our school. It is also the specific implementation of the school’s characteristic of “two major classroom interact and complement each other” for many years. The lecture, new technology products, students’ science and technology works, science and technology competitions and other activities will enrich the extracurricular activities of students, improve their interest in learning and quality of learning and give full play to the important supporting role of basic computer teaching in the overall talent training of the school.


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