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Interesting stuff here and check out what they are saying about KK 5.1.


Kasio Kristmas Changes Distributors to EMU

Kasio Kristmas was using Tunecore for distribution, but has now went with the UK company EMU BANDS  at http://www.emubands.com.
Simple one-off fee, retain your rights, and keep 100% royalties.

Highly recommend for NEW artists.


Piracy_Stealing Songs

Unfortunately due to the overwhelming downloads of our full length songs we have had to resort to snip-its (shortened 1 minute versions). So now the honest ones can’t enjoy the full songs. These songs are less than the price of a pack of gum and took 3 years of production, we feel it has some value attached to it. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.


Kasio Kristmas

New Video

New Video in the works on “Round and Round”. The video will be of concept with a cameo from Stephen Pearcy himself from the band Ratt. We are hoping for a Xmas/December release.

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